ESA assesssmjent

I haven't got endometriosis but I am in employment. I have had a illness were I have had 3 operations. I am in a support group on ESA. I have had an appointment come through saying they want to assess me fit for work. This is on 3 august but I am having another operation 20 September. If they find me fit for work I can't see the point till after my op. So worried has I'm sure they will say I'm fit for work. Really don't feel ready to go back to work yet till all operations done with.

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I've just been kicked off the ESA, my health assessment was two weeks after my operation and I suffer agoraphobia (I do not leave my house unless someone is with me) among other issues. IF they do find you fit to work and you don't think you are, you can do a mandatory reconsideration.

Ive had hystrectomny and now got have fullmascetomny and reconstruction. I will be off between 4-6 mths recovery

If I come off ESA now and gobackto work for afew weeks. I don't think my employer will be happy

The DWP don't and will never care. The assessment basically was seeing if you can walk/stand and move your arms and legs. I can't leave the house without someone with me, suffer panic attacks and other issues yet I'm fit to work. You're gonna have to explain to them and hopefully you get points to stay on the ESA.

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