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living with endo

hi its the first time for me to post i feel i just need some support i have been diagnosed with endometeiosis for 10 years im 33 now i have been along with all the medications 3 laproscopies and 7 ivf !!!! and nothing seems to make things better im now not thinking of getting pregnent any more and stopped trying so stopped taking any medication for 6 months but there is a shotting pain in my left side that seems to be in my ovary and kidney together every cycle after my period ends i just feel terrible and cant take it any more and began to feel suicidal.

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Did the medication help the pain? Have you thought about a hysterectomy? That's the only thing that stopped my aunt's pain from endo. Although, everyone is different.

Also, if you are suicidal please contact someone of authority. I have dealt with suicidal thoughts since I was a pre teen, so I understand how that feels. It helps to talk it out, as shutting yourself away can make it worse. So do your best to not isolate yourself!

If you ever need to talk feel free to pm me.


thank you so much i appreciate your support im going to a new doc today hope a new medication can help


Pls don't entertain suicide, me and hundreds or maybe thousands of us suffers either endo , cyst or any other women issues. I do have cyst and their ( doctors suspicions of endo every month around period is always from medium to horrible pains. Pls pray and talk it out. It affects our daily life and thoughts but I believe there's always miracle either God will find our way great healthcare help for treatments or remedies or God will ease of our daily pain somehow that science may ever never could ever explain . God bless u


thanks i realy apreciate your support i think life is so hard but we should have faith you're right im having an appointment with a new doc today i hope he will help


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