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A little advice

I had a laparoscopy in December 2015 and was diagnosed with abdominal adhesions on my sigmoid colon and ascending colon both were stuck to my abdominal side walls. I had up until that point been told by the gynaecologist that I was more than likely suffering with endometriosis! After the lap the gynaecologist told me it wasn't endo and that now the adhesions have been removed my symptoms should disappear. I did ask how the adhesions had occurred and was told it could be due to scar tissue or an infection. The lap was my first operation and my medical notes showed no history of pelvic infection which led me to do some research on endo!

A few months after the lap my symptoms returned and are increasing month by month. Today I had an ultrasound which showed both ovaries were normal and no sign of cysts and my uterus was also fine. As the months go on I have started second guessing the gynaecologist and I'm now looking for a second opinion as I'm almost certain that the adhesions were caused by endo scaring!

Has anyone else had the same sort of experience? I really need some advice on what to do!

Thank you in advance

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I also was told suspected endometriosis as had all sorts of pelvic pain, ibs and hormonal issues. Had lots of blood tests, 2 abdominal scans, and then lap and hysteroscopy 2 yrs ago and only found adhesions from bowel to abdomen wall, and a fibroid. Removed adhesions but did not test them and left fibroid alone. Felt bit better for few months, now however am getting pelvic pain again some higher up near belly button, and still ibs problems. Am convinced they are back and as they were not tested how could they say what they were caused by. Was not specialist that did the lap.

Am just trying to get by rather than go back yet again to doctors, but i understand your feelings. So frustrating.

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It's such a relief to know it's not just me! I have terrible trouble with bowl movements and the pains in my tummy are increasing by the day! I forgot to mention I had a hysteroscopy too!


You're not alone, sometimes i'll have couple of weeks when things are ok ish, and i'll put it to the back of my mind. Then everything will flare up and then i end up anxious too, which i think makes things even worse. I gave up smoking, caffeine, alcohol. You'd think i'd feel healthier lol.

Hope you have some good days soon


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