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Coming off birth control - what to expect?

Hey ladies.

What are some of your experiences when coming off birth control?

I'm currently waiting to see an endo specialist who should be doing further laparoscopic surgery to try and diagnose endo after one failed lap under a general gynae.

My fiancé and I have always considered children but as of recently we would really like to start our family sooner than we had thought in case we were to encounter any problems.

I'm on implanon just now, it's due to be removed in February!

I'm assuming when the implant is removed my hormones will drastically alter and so endo symptoms will worsen, is this true?

I will discuss this with the specialist as we obviously would like some answers to my health before we start trying but it's comforting to hear stories from ladies in similar situations just so have an idea of what to expect💛

Also, how long did it take people to get pregnant after coming off birth control? I know everyone is different but it's nice to hear success stories.

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