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What's going on?!


So I had endo symptoms for 7 years, since I was 13, and was told I had endometriosis last year by the gynaeo, and this fits literally all the symptoms I've ever had. So I've been going every 3 months or so to try out new pills to get rid of the pain and this visit, she poked my stomach a bit and said 'well I can't feel anything attached so I'm gonna assume there's no endometriosis and a laparoscopy would be pointless'. What does this mean???? Endo perfectly fits literally every symptom I have and ever have had, and if it's not this why is she putting me on a new set of progesterone only pills to try and 'relieve the symptoms'. Do I actually have it, can she just change her mind like that, and if I don't have it, what is it? Feeling very frustrated and back at square one again!!

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Hi, my GP also couldn't feel anything attached, but still referred me on and I was found to have endo. Have you had a lap to confirm the diagnosis? That's the way it should be done.

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I was told I had to try a few more birth control options before a lap as I'm 20 and they said they'd rather do it closer to me wanting kids, which, if I can get the pain under control, I'd be happy with. Just feels frustrating to be told it was one thing and then maybe not x

First I've heard that you can diagnose endo by prodding someone's stomach, you can only do it by laparoscopy. Get a second opinion at a bsge specialist centre, check online.

Don't worry, I think everyone I've ever met with endo has at some point felt like they were going bonkers with contradictory advice.

Hope everything improves for you soon xxxxxxx

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Thank you xx

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