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I don’t know what is going on


So after being told I don’t have a date for op and no chance of it being before next year (feb was hinted at) I get a letter this morning with a date... this year! 11th December!

I’m gob smacked and not letting it sink in, I’ve been so angry being messed about.. now it’s come through and I don’t know wether to believe it 😂

It’s positive of course, it’s what I’ve been pushing for.. just feels I’m told one thing and the opposite happens!

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Hey I’m glad you finally have a date, just hope it doesn’t get cancelled for you xx

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Thank you. I can’t think about that xx

Congrats on getting a date! I think it all depends on where you were placed on the wait list (and it was possible you got bumped up), and who is about / what other people have accepted appointment wise. When I had to have my tonsils out (several years ago now) I was told it would be several months by the consultant but I ended up only having to wait for 3 weeks as the surgeon had deemed I was a higher priority and was put through as urgent rather than routine. Also when I was in hospital (my op was on the 22nd Dec) he told me a lot of people will decline having surgery so close to Christmas so the stars aligned a bit!

Either way, super chuffed for you that you’re on the road to your treatment! Good luck!

Thank you. I had originally been told it was urgent then got messed about with MRIs and results, then told it won’t be until next year.. and now this letter. Feels really unorganised and I’m trying to not let that effect my confidence in the surgery itself xx

Good luck for when that day arrives 😀at least it will be all done by the end of 2018 and hopefully you will start to feel better. I am well jel as still waiting on a date although I am pestering the medical secretary x

Thank you. I’m feeling very fortunate at the moment. It’s a weird feeling because 2 days ago I was fuming and ranting as I’d just been told there was no date for me. Keep at it. I actually rang the secretary I’d been hassling over the past 6 weeks to say thanks for whatever she did to move things along, she admitted that it wasn’t her doing and she was shocked too, we had a laugh about it.

I really hope you get a date soon, keep me posted on your progress xx

Thank you, wishing you lots of luck on the day x

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