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Good Morning ladies! My name is Stephanie. In 2012 I had an 3 cm endometrioma removed from my abdominal wall. I was never treated for it afterwards. Md's did not educated me enough on the disaease. I figured once it was out I was good to go. It's now 2017 and I'm having pain in the pelvic, right hip, rectum, abdomen, under my ribs, feel nauseous sometimes. A few months ago I had the most excruciating pain under the collar bone and down my right arm. Md's could not rule out what was causing my arm pain. Last month my GYN told me I have a right ovarian mass. MRI did not respect the mass. This GYN took my symptoms lightly. I then went to an Oncologist because of the ovarian mass that was seen with ultrasound. This oncologist feel that it's not a mass but endometriosis. I'm in so much pain but he seems to not be doing much for me. He's always in surgery and I can never get in contact with him. I just wanted him to prescribe something for me until my next visit. Is there anything I can take besides Ibuprofen for the pain that should help?

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Hi Stephanie, sorry to hear that you are in such pain. I use paracetamol and codeine mostly, washed down with a strong coffee. The thing with codeine is to take a laxative at the same time otherwise you get more pain from constipation. I wouldn't underestimate the power of caffeine, which seems to potentiate paracetamol rather well.

And of course heat. A hot water bottle is the thing which gets me to sleep when it's bad.

Hope you get some answers soon !


I should have said that the over the counter codeine isn't enough for me. My GP gives me a much bigger dose. Maybe something to ask about...


Thanks for the response Fabbird. I didn't know that Codeine can be purchased OTC. I do love coffee btw. I will go to Rite Aid shortly and ask. Thanks again.


I think OTC codeine always comes in combination with paracetamol. And you only get a low dose, about 10mg codeine. I need more like 30mg. My GP gives it to me separate from paracetamol which is much better. Otherwise the paracetamol limits how much and when you can take it... I hope it helps.


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