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First post - ADVICE PLEASE❤❤

Hi there everybody.

I am super relived to find a site like this, just reading everybody's questions and advice has already put me at ease. I have recently been for my consultation with the gynaecologist and I have been booked in for my operation.

I know everybody's experience is very different, but can you girls please give me some advise on what to expect during and afterwards. Does this minimise the pain for a while afterwards?

I really appreciate any responses to but my brain at rest, it's going over board!!


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Can you tell us what operation you are having done? There's more than one...Is it a laparoscopy?

I'm sure some of us will have had the same and can tell you what it's like.


Oh I didn't realise there was more than one type? It's a laparoscopy.

Thank you :) x


If it is just a laparoscopy without any other procedure then it's just to confirm the diagnosis. I had one right at the beginning of all this. It was day surgery and quite straightforward.

The biggest thing is the general anaesthetic. I think how you feel afterwards will mostly depend on how you react to that. Personally I love them! I just feel very relaxed and rather sleepy for a day or two. I didn't need any more pain relief but they suggested paracetamol. I was pretty much back to normal within a week.

Maybe mine was particularly easy. I hope yours is too!


Hi! A lap helped me. My advice is don't expect too much too quickly, it takes time for your body to recover so it felt like the pain was still the same for me straight after and for a good few weeks. If you think about it that makes sense - if they cut something out then that area will be raw for a while, but it wasn't explained to me.

Will you have excision or ablation if they do find endo, have they told you?

Once the recovery period was done though it really helped me for some time and was definitely worth it. Let us know if you have any more specific questions x


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