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Finally, But has it got worse? Endometriosis Questions?

Hiya, Im 24 years old. I've been to the doctors today and found out i have a peliv infection. But I have also been told I may have cysts on my ovaries or womb. Endometriosis had been mentioned to me before but my scan got cancelled and never rebooked. I've recently had heart surgery and my heart condition has been used as an excuse for my periods for a long time since about 14. I believe i have been suffering with Endo since then and am worried that I am now infertile. I had my heart surgery done this year to enable me to have children now i feel completly lost. I was just wondering if theres anyone on her that i could talk to? On more of a personal level about symptoms, treatment and just how to cope. I feel so alone :(

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Hi Sammie it's so easy to feel alone but remember there are always people you can talk to about it. You can speak to your gp about your worry about fertility and they can refer you to the fertility clinic x


Hi :)

Firstly, so glad that you came out of your heart surgery, just wow that's huge for anyone.

And secondly, I have PID (pelvic infection) and polycistic ovaries and endo! And a couple of other things, but hey, I'll know your symptoms if you'd like to talk.

I do mean that, I know how lonely and desperate this situation can make you, especially with fertility thrown into the mix, and I genuinely mean that you can message me on here about anything, nothings too personal or off limits to ask.

And also, you need to ring GP and say what's going on with the cancelled scan and what it hasn't been rebooked, they are useless like that sometimes! Xx


Hey hun please don't anyone use your heart as an excuse for your periods and cancelling scans because they are talking rubbish.

I too have a heart problem and have had full open and closed heart surgery. I also have endometriosis which i fought for 5 years to be diagnosed it is stage 4 endo but to give you some hope I am also a mum to nearly 2 year old little girl.

If you have any questions or want to chat please feel free to message me x


Hi, i have stage 4 endo and I've been aware of it for 7 years but my symptoms go back as far as my teenage years( i am now 30).I tried a lot of treatments and can share some advice with you if you need it. I was also told that I would never have children but i now have a 5 month old little girl. You can message me whenever you like.



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