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Hi this could be a long story .for years and years i suffered with irregular periods and when they were heavy i would lose clots as well .. no one ever said why except that it was probably pcos suffered cysts most of my life that dissepered ..anyhow fast forward to my 40s and suddenly i didnt haave a period for 3 years ..then i started bleeding so i went to the gp who sent me on fast track to cancer checks because my ca12t was at 47 .a gynae told me i had uterine cancer and scared the life out of me ,i got a letter to say that no abmormal cells were found but i had 2 cysts that look like they are enodometriomas ,could i have had endometeiosis all along because my sister had it and other family members i could nt get pregnant either.my sister always said she thought thats what i had ...could this have been a last ditch attempt by my body ..has this happened to anyone else ??? Thanks in advance ..sorry it ended up long ..

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