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Scared about my excision surgery tomorrow help please

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Hey ladies

Was wondering if you could help me I have my excision surgery tomorrow and I am very scared as I have stage 4 mainly in my bowel can anyone tell me their experiences and what I should expend and have any tips or advice I could benefit from. Someone told me about peppermint tea for the gas I would love and be very greatful to hear from you guys. X

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Hey Sandy x thinking of you. I don't have op till 18th and it's on the bowel not inside, but very nervous all the same.

You are in the very best of hands. Be gentle with yourself. What recovery time.have you been told?

My shopping so far

Sudocream ( to help during bowel prep)

Boots witchhazel Moise hemmorhoid wiped (likewise)

Prunes and liquorice tea to help motions get going again post op

Peppermint tea

Fat pants ( up two sizes) for the swollen tummy phase ( I swelled up a lot after lap1)

Pretty new nightwear for lounging around in (an excuse for online shopping retail therapy). M&S have a lover red navy flower set atm with soft elasticated waistband and tie string to be gentle on tummy.

Books and magazines to read


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