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Post Surgery

Hi guys,

I don't know whether I just need to vent or I want someone to tell me what is going on.

I had surgery to remove an ovarian cyst, endometriosis removal from both sides of my pelvic area & removal of some adhesion's.

This surgery was on the 9th of June I had my dressing removed yesterday but I am in a lot of pain today & I dont know why.

Please help.

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Hi, I had surgery to remove a cyst, unfortunately the pain does persist for a while, if it goes on for much longer though I would definitely see your GP.



It is so irritating. I just want to wake up & not be in pain one day.

I am really struggling today the problem about seeing my GP is the next appointment is after the 18th of July.


I know it is it's very frustrating and I wish that we could all wake up without the pain one day. Try and stay positive if the pain is unbearable then you need to tell your GP you need an emergency appointment.

Hope you get it sorted.


They don't do emergency appointments as they are so busy.


Only other thing I can suggest is maybe try a walk in centre?


I tried that yesterday & they just turned around and said your wounds are healing well if the pain is still bad go back to yours doctors it literally is a vicious circle

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It can take a good 12 weeks to heal after surgery, which is quite a major treatment even if it is keyhole.

This article​ explains the internal healing process and sources of pain you may experience during recovery. I found it really useful with lots of stuff no one told me before my first surgery.



Your gp surgery should offer a triage system where a duty doctor will phone you back and offer you a same day appointment. This is what all gp surgeries should be doing. I woud phone and say you are post op and in a lot of pain and that if they won't help you will go to A&E. They won't like this as the surgery gets billed every time a patient attends A&E. or demand to speak to the practice manager and explain to him/her.

Good luck. Let me know how you are x


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