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Unable to exercise and gaining weight :(

Hi Guys,

Due to my endometriosis pain, I am unable to exercise as I keep getting pain in my lower left but I am so unfit and I am gaining a lot of weight at it's effecting my self-esteem.

Can anyone make any recommendations please?

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Hi there. As a fellow sufferer I get as frustrated as you sound. I know it sounds like it won't do much good but I did two main things to make sure I wasn't gaining weight. 1. Where possible I do a 30min walk every day - or more if I can manage , now that can be a brisk walk on days I feel well or a few mooch around little walks which add up to 30min if I'm feeling sore. I wear a step count watch to make sure I try and do about 8,000 steps a day if poss. I also make as much food from scratch as I can, plenty of home cooked food where I know exactly how much of what is going into them so I can control sugar/fat intake more. I don't deprive myself of the nice stuff, I just make healthy gluten free alternatives. E.g. Home made pizza last night, soups for lunch where I get plenty of fresh veg in (blended). I find I break even each day as I don't put weight on and I burn off what I do eat so it's balanced and that's what u need to try and aim for - burning off what you eat, I think it's a simple as that sometimes. I still allow myself treats as it's too demoralising to be too strict when you're already battling endo so I have choc brownies/crisps/cake etc but all in moderation. By eating healthier and having 3 balanced meals at the same time each day I have got into a much better balance which I believe has been the key. Years ago before my endo was diagnosed, I battled chronic fatigue, never ate breaky, ate a tiny bit for lunch and often didn't have my main meal til 9pm and it was all bad stuff, too much sugary stuff - I just grabbed sugar stuff for an energy hit and guess what I weighed over a stone or more than I do now & I eat far more food now! I just regularly exercise and eat more of the right foods. I hope this helps a bit, there are days I can't do anything due to pain, but I don't best myself up on those days and just try and make up for them when I feel able to. I feel for you and understand xx


Thank you so much for your reply! It is so frustrating and demoralising I just feel alone and feel that I will never get back to the size I was before. I did try to eat healthy foods and home cooked foods but then I became lazy and demotivated and I wanted to eat what everyone else was eating and didn't want to be singled out. I have my wedding in a couple of weeks time and the fear of standing on the beach in a bikini is seriously freaking me out and the fact that I can barely exercise makes me feel useless so to speak. Saying that I do eat mostly home made food and probably eat out once a week, but I am finding the more stressed I'm getting and the more pain I get the more I am eating junk and I just don't know how to control it! I was considering to go swimming yesterday but I think that may aggravate it and I tried yoga but my back started to crack and give me pain. I will definitely go for a walk, I love walking. I will get there, just probably not sooner than I thought, but thank you so much for your message xxx


I know how incredibly frustrating & isolating it is. I think I stress myself thin and worry so much I must have a fast metabolism! I know it's not ideal, especially when u want to look ur best for your wedding day. Keep strong try and stay motivated and get walking as I think it's such an underrated form of exercise. No harm in swimming, just gentle breaststroke won't put a strain on things, if doing a frog kick hurts around your ovary region, just lay on your back and kick ur feet perhaps. I know the feeling not wanting to be different from everyone else, I stopped drinking to try & help with endo pain but feel so awkward if we go to the pub etc.

As far as your wedding and honeymoon goes, remember you're with a man who loves you very much and just wants to be with you. He knows your struggles and is there for you and seeing as you're marrying him, I suspect he isn't the sort to judge you on your weight when he knows it's illness related! I know that doesn't help your own feelings in your head but try and focus on the fact you've got someone who loves you very much & wants you well and happy...that's gotta be a boost!

Try and not get stressed as stress exasperates endo pain terribly. I had trouble doing yoga too but do try keeping the walking going as it's a good mental release too as it distracts you!

You're not alone sweet, I've encountered the same problems. My fiancé loves me the way I am, when I get sad about all my scars from operations he just says he loves them and is so proud of what I've gone thru to try and get better and give us a family...unfortunately hasn't happened it but we never give up hope!

Keep going and don't be so hard on yourself. All the very best for your wedding too xxx


Omg you literally got me in tears! If I stressed myself thin I would be over the moon! Unfortunately I just turn to cookies and ice cream :) You are right I should get my health up as I too want to start a family soon. I have a very supportive fiancé and I thank god everyday for that.

Honestly thank you so much for your reply, you have given me strength! I wish you all the best for a family xxx


Oh no, sorry I didn't want to cause tears! I write a few replies on this forum and lots of people I say I make them cry...I hope in a good way!!!! Nothing wrong with cookies and ice cream, just don't down the whole tub love!! I'm 43 so not much chance now with my frazzled eggs, tried for 6 yrs & no luck but we're going to try egg donor treatment soon so fingers crossed, determined not to give up on our dream...yet!!! Great news u have a supportive fiancé, it's a v hard illness for people to get their head around so he sounds a keeper! Wishing you all the very best in married life and making babies! Don't let my bad luck put u off, I was riddled with 20 years worth of undiagnosed disease which had done horrific damage and I'm old, lethal combo, plenty of endo girls get preggers so good luck honey, thanks for ur good wishes too, much appreciated. Have a lovely day xxx


Have you thought of trying yoga?

It's a super relaxing low impact exercise and builds strength and tones at the same time. It encourages blood circulation, improving feelings of tiredness.

I've been to a few classes and I've noticed the difference already!


I tried it a couple of days ago and my back clicked in a couple of places and after that I started to get pain. I can feel my endometriosis coming back and I'm due on my period next week so I'm not sure if this is the right time to try new things as I don't want to aggravate it even more. I did go for a walk last night and I will continue to but I found my left leg is aching me a lot. I think I will book an appointment to see a consultant to be on the safe side x


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