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Getting pregnant - when is the best time to start trying

I got married last summer & my husband & I had planned to start trying for a baby this month. About 5 weeks ago I started to get fairly consistent abdominal pains & am currently going through a diagnosis for deep endometriosis with a potential cyst on my ovary. I have an MRI booked for 27 June and do not know what will happen after this. We do not know whether to start trying to conceive as planned or whether this will complicate things further with the MRI & any treatment that may be required or whether it is more sensible to hold off!

I have been waiting for so long to begin trying and so am reluctant to delay this further but don't know if this would be a bad idea.

Any advice would be useful!


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hi. Have they given you any guidelines about the MRI? When I had mine last October I was told to use birth control as they don't like doing the scan if your pregnant so its probably best to call the MRI department and check what they advise as if there is doubt they might not go ahead with the scan.

good luck 😊. Xx


Yeah they don't like to do an MRI if you are pregnant, I've just had a routine one and they have lots of signs up about it. It's a few weeks until your MRI so go with how you feel if you wait to try after or see what happens. You could always speak to your consultant and see what options they advise should you be pregnant and you may find that symptoms reduce (mine did) it that does happen. Good luck


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