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Age ?!

Am told by a Doctor that my endometriom is larger & thicker than normal for my age . What does this mean ? What might investigations reveal ? In past had such severe pain it was thought had had an abortion when hadn't had sex ?! It was relieved with pill [ I was one of the first to get it & HRT after the menopause .I have had trouble wit cysts [ sebacious] / acne since a child .I wonder whether it could be hydernatis supporativa or/and congenital cellulitus connected to lipo- lymphoedema. I have been meeting a reluctance by NHS to bother after the menopause .

In past had lichen sclerosis &, hirsutism & PCOS diagnosed but no treatment ? My Grandmother who said I was like her[ re: lumps & bumps] eventually had a 28lb cyst that went cancerous slowly ?? What is going ON?

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