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Depression? Any Advice?

Past few years I have been struggling with my mental state. Was diagnosed at 17, had 2 surgeries and my last surgery was about a month ago which was fairly intense.

Over the past couple of years I have had horrible mood swings. Ive been on the pill but all of the ones I tried (about 10 - 15 of them) made me very ill. Currently on the Mirena which was put in when I had my last surgery.

Anyways, just wondering if anyone has advice for these mood swings. I am either really sad, sensitive and upset or hyper and happy. I am struggling to cope with it all and feel like its affecting the relationships around me. When I am sad, I feel I am being rude and pushing everyone out. I hate it but I honestly cant help it. Any advice?

BTW, I have spoke to my GP about this along with my Doctor, and they said the Mirena will help with this.

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Hugs. I have had issues for many years. My mirena hormone chaos settled after about 6 weeks so you may get a better sense of whether that is a help or a hindrance. Moodwise I was flat / low but fairly stable on it. I have had a lot of anxiety, but it's worse since I took the coil out. I removed it Due to physical pelvic pain, otherwise I would have kept going as it did suppress my menstrual cycle completely .

Post removal i am not in good shape emotionally ATM but that is largely due to work stress and the prospect of facing a major excision surgery in August.

I cope with my mood without medication ( tried 6 ADs but none worked ) with my dog, my garden and in winter a sad lamp. I have reduced work by a day though unsure if in getting rest I am not increasing stress from not being at work.

dogsfordepression.org.uk has some info on why pets are emotionally beneficial.


When I had the mirena I was terrible. I honestly have lost so many friendships over the years, even my parents ended up being fed up with me but it was heartbreaking to know you cant help it.

I have ended up being moved onto Zoladex injections and its completely changed. My hormone levels are now balanced. I am less moody and depressed or just a wreck in general.

Everyone says I am much better to be around but I still slightly resent them for not understanding it was out of my control. Its like your mum being disappointed that you cant win the egg and spoon race but you don't have a spoon? you know? (sorry for the weird analogy... anyway to be honest Zoladex has been the only thing that has worked for me :( Sorry to say that but I still have the mirena in.

Hope things get better for you


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