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Endometriosis specialist appointment, now pregnant!

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Hi everyone

I have been referred to an endometriosis specialist centre after treatment at a different hospital but still suffering with severe pain. I have been waiting for the appointment for 3 months and it is now next week, however I have just found out i am pregnant!

I'm not sure whether to still attend the appointment or not now? It seems a shame to cancel it as I've been waiting for it for so long, but I know they won't do anything for me as I'm pregnant and hopefully won't be getting any symptoms anyway, which i haven't since my last period anyway! Any thoughts??

Thanks :)

4 Replies


I was in the exact same position! I was going to pay for a private consultation woth an endo specialist and found out i was pregnant the week before i was due to go. I ended up cancelling as we have been trying for a baby for over 2 yrs.

I have had no pain or symptoms so ce ans hopin it stays this way until atleast after i have had baby then i can deal with it again if i need to.

Good luck woth whatever u decide x


I'd take the appointment to describe previous symptoms as getting to see these specialists takes so long. They can hold off on any treatment plan and make an appointment to see you after the baby of required.

Would be interested as to what they say on how endo affects you whilst pregnant. My midwife is completely ignoring my endo although I've had pain. I know some believe that endo symptoms get better if you are pregnant but it seems like more guessing.


congrats! id go still so you can talk about what's going on and maybe plan treatment after you've had the baby 😊


Congratulations! Still go and tell him all your symptoms and then you are with him then if you need to go back after the baby save starting it all again it will be easier to keep getting support from them once you have seen them xxx


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