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Endo and trying to get pregnant


We have been struggling to get pregnant . I had all blood tests and husband had tests which were all fine. Fertility specialist then advised I needed a laparoscopy and dye tests etc. From that they found stage two endo , large cyst on left ovary and right tube completely blocked from endo.

We were completely shocked as all the bloating and cramps I have always been told was ibs, caused from shift work!!!

I have just had my post op appointment and the next step is ivf. Again we were shocked. They removed large cyst , most the endo but I still have a blocked right tube . Has anyone else with Endo had to go through ivf or did you eventually fall pregnant naturally and does anyone recommend acupuncture both for endo and trying to conceive? Also said I need to go straight on mini pill to avoid endo growing back before ivf? Does anyone know how long after having op to remove endo that it comes back ? Xx

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Hi ms31gb I have endo & was referred for IVF following a laparoscopy & excision of stage 3. However not straight away, I went back around 7 months later because slowly I could feel my symptoms returning.

I was also told I had ibs for many years but I knew something wasn't right because no remedies ever worked & the obvious things like rich, spicy foods didn't make my bowel problems flare up! It turned out my bowel had endo on it and was also stuck to other things in there. I too also had s large cyst (an emdometrioma) and my pain definitely improved after that was removed.

I do have acupuncture, I started it a few months before starting IVF as I'd heard it can help the endo and with IVF. Unfortunately it hasn't yet helped me get pregnant (although I'm waiting to find out if my current cycle of IVF has worked) but it did help me hugely with the endo, I found my pain improved & the amount of spotting I had between periods reduced. It also made me feel calmer during the IVF process, just try to find a practitioner that has experience of both.

Lots of luck to you xx


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