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Fed up 😩

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Hi girls.

So I'm so frustrated today as my endo has reared its head 10 fold :(. The last few months my pain has been manageable despite removal of all hormone treatments as TTC. This week I found out the reason for this: I'm not ovulating. Bitter pill to swallow as on one hand I was thrilled that my pain had improved however i'm devastated at the reason behind it. I digress, my period is looming and so the pain this month is horrific. Worse than its been for ages. I'm back on tramadol and using a tens. It's so frustrating as I know it must be awful for family to see me in pain but constant "we need to get this sorted" or "you need to get another appointment" wears me down. I get so upset and frustrated by it. Does anyone else feel the same? I feel like they think I'm maybe not doing enough to help!.bive had laps, zoladex, coil and numerous pills, I have tried everything!! My partner is the only one who iI feel understands and he is my absolute rock. He works away however and I'm just feeling really down to say the least about it all. Pain and emotions at an all time high :((

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Please remember you are not alone! Most of us women understand completely as we have all been in the same situation one way or another. This condition is SO frustrating as there isnt just one thing that helps. I wish I could say 'do this' or 'do that' to help, but unfortunately its different for all of us. Please just remember not to give up! You are strong :)

Just ensure you are comfortable; so take the painkillers (but with Tramadol, FYI, might need to take regular soft laxatives) you need to be comfortable. Dont feel bad for taking medication that makes you feel better. Ensure you write all these pains down, keep a diary! Really helps. Another thing, talk to a Nurse regularly, or see your specialist regularly if you still feel like this.

Lastly, support groups! They help so much as you will then be surrounded by women who do understand what you are going through :)

I wish you all the best :) Just remember you are strong, and dont let this condition take you over.

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If your pain is getting worse, do you think it might be worth asking for a referral back to see a specialist again (you haven't said what stage your endo is at, but if it is severe, you should be seen at a bsge centre).


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