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Three procedures at once, first time GA, scared!!!

Hello to all,

First let me tell you how happy I am to have found this website!

I had very terrible 6 months with trips to the ER, lots of pain and even walking issues.

I was approved for a investigative Laparoscopy in March, my date is at the end of next week. It was so sudden that when I was agreeing I was in such shock (and pain) that I said yes to every procedure my OBGYN said it should be done.So overall they are going to do Hysteroscopy+Mirena+Laparoscopy+Treatment to Endometriosis all in one.I see most of the people here have only Laparoscopy. I am scared as f@@@@@@ , pardon my French. I am scared of the pain after, specially because of the first procedure. But the biggest issue for me , the issue because of which I haven't slept for over 2 weeks is the fear of waking up in the middle of the procedure or just been paralyzed from the medicine but awake because of a GA malfunction. I am so scared I think I am going to have a heart attack. There are so many cases at recent times. Honestly I don't care if I die on the table or not wake up after, no fear of that at all, just the stupid anesthesia awareness that I've read so much about (very stupid of me, better if I have never googled it). Any comforting word and personal experiences would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you all!

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You will be fine, honestly you have nothing to fear over "easier said then done i know" On the day of your operation, if you are still freaking out then when your anaesthetist see's you, just mention to them your worries and they should give you something to relax you. Waking up from a GA is slow but not too painful, plus with the painkillers you'll more likely get then pain should be rather low. You can get painful gas pains which hurt your shoulder, for that I'd recommend peppermint tea, hot water bottle and walking around "when ready"

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Thank you very much!!!


I had the same thing as you done and it was my first time under GA and I was absolutely terrified! I was so scared of waking up during the operation and not being able to cope with the pain after but honestly what you're building up in your head is worse than what it is. The fear and anxiety of the op consumed me for the week leading up to it and I now know it's never as bad as you think it is. You will wake up in the recovery room as if you've just had a long sleep and the anaesthetic will numb your pain. The worst part of the recovery is the gas pain! Try and relax (I know it's very hard), think happy thoughts and use your recovery as a chance to watch movies! Goodluck!

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The procedures are done! i had complications in a sense that they manage to damage a vessel while burning the endo and I've lost a litter of blood.Had to stay in the hospital for couple of days, the first one was the worse. I had a terrible reaction from the morphine and on the second day the drain tube they put in my tummy got stuck inside of me and they had to call the surgeon to come and remove it.At least they gave me gas anesthetic (I swear it is like smoking marihuana).Had bloating the first 2 days now the air went around my rib cage.I can walk and so on but because of the blood loss I feel very very tired and sick.Anyway, I have a slight problem and anyone with experience that can help would be highly appreciated!I had a bit of a bleeding the first 2 days because of the hysteroscopy.It passed on quick.Since last night however I have some discharge that is like mixed plasma and blood, very liquid and comes on waves specially when I stand up.I know it is gross to read this, I am sorry.Just wanted to see if someone else had a similar thing after this procedure and Mirena fitting and laparoscopy.Thanks


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