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Going in circles?

Hi ladies,

So I've been referred to a gyn where I'm at uni for July 19th. I rang the NHS referrals line to see about seeing a gyn at the hospital in my home town instead (and to see if I could get a sooner appointment there instead) and they said my gp needed to refer me to more than one hospital before I could pick and choose either online or on the phone where I wanted to go.

Rang my gp surgery, spoke to the secretary who said she couldn't see anything on the system at all for my hospital back home.

So I rang the gyn department for the hospital at home (my gp surgery told me to) and the woman on the other end was pretty mad and told me I shouldn't have rang and be trying to self refer... and to speak to my doctors (which I just did)

All I want to know is what appointments they have there but no one can seem to tell me.

Any suggestions?

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Is there a significant journey between your home and uni?

If not, you may be best sticking with the appointment you have at the hospital near your uni. Trying to move between the 2 will be complicated and is likely to slow things down xxx


Yeah it's like like a 2/3 hour drive 😩 Last time we drove all that way to find out they'd told me the wrong day for the appointment


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