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I've been suffering for as long as I can remember with period problems. The last 3 years I have bled non stop, both having a noticeable 'period' and then spotting the rest of the time-too heavy for just a panty liner. Also been in pain every single day since November (been logging everything since then) I'm currently waiting to see gynae on 2nd June, have had ultrasound which showed many cysts on one ovary and throughout my life have been on pretty much every contraception in order to try and sort me out, nothings worked. And have been turned away many many times.

So this week I'm in the worst pain I've been in ever, pelvis,hips,Back and legs. The site of the pain is nothing new, But the severity is and I'm at a total loss with what I can do to help myself. Also I am not bleeding at all....nnothing!! Is it worth getting in contact with a doctor or will they just tell me to wait it out? Im struggling with work big time, I can't live like this anymore and I'm an emotional wreck!!!!

Sorry for the long rambling post, I'm just so so stuck!!

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Why don't you ring and explain the extrnt if the worsening and ask to get any cancellations slot that arises, and if there is something they can do re pain relief I can meantime.


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