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Prostap and surgery AGAIN

Hi guys

I haven't been on her for a while as I was sick to my back teeth of endo and all that came with it. However I was recently referred to UCHL from Liverpool and after an ultrasound they revealed the endo has returned with a vengeance. I'm told I have 4 nodules in bowel, fibroids, adenymeosis and also endo caused Fallopian tubes to stick to back of uterus, pouch of Douglas obliterated with endo tissue, it's been this way before and had 2 exisions since 2013. I've been coping quite well other than a constant pain in my left hip area - no idea what's causing it but it blooming hurts. Anyway I'm having my pre-op for the 3rd excision tomorrow and as prep for surgery I have had to have the 3 month prostap injection again. So I had 2 weeks ago whilst 3 days into period. My period ended 6 days ago and last night I've started to bleed, and I'm not just spotting I'm having a full flow of a bleed. Anyone know if this is a common side effect?


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hi I also have pain in left hip and groin again on left side. I have had surgery for it as well but starting to come back with a vengeance is this normal?


I don't know what's causing mine, it's something that has only come on in the last year, the scan I had showed my nodules where quite central, so unless it's referred pain.... in guessing it might be scar tissue as I had 2 pretty invasive surgeries. Worth chatting to your dr with. Not your GP though he told me it was my tendons and gave me a cortisone injection without checking for inflammation that didn't help at all!! Xx

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