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Need advice

I've been suffering for a long time with my periods , I'm taking noriday for years , my doctor thinks I've got endometriosis, been to gynaecologist who don't think I have , Ive asked to see someone else and they said the same, they won't give me a lap, my new problem is ive been bleeding for 8 days very light but sooo painful, I foood in the morning then it goes black in the evening it has been doing this for 8 days , the pain is bad, I'm not pregnant, going to go back to docs this week.

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Sorry you're having problems with you gynaecologist. Would going back to your gp and asking for him to refer you to a specialist centre?

I'm still waiting for first lap. My periods were week on week off, two weeks on, week off etc then nothing for 9 weeks but still getting pains. My gp said endo can do that. (Asked if i could be pregnant, I was like, I've been sterilised read my notes!!!) now just had light period. It's all very confusing but it can affect everyone differently with different symptoms and experiences. I think the main reason they're willing to lap with me is cos I have a cyst. have you had a scan?

Don't give up. If you have symptoms they should be investigating. Keep pushing. I've been lucky but have read many posts on here who've had the same issues as you.

Really hope you get somewhere xx


Thanks just been to the docs and she just thinks I'm a unlucky woman who has heavy periods, I asked about the coil, but I want the non hormone one but she said no as it will make the bleeding worse, so I'm hooked In to have the coil fitted


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