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Tingling legs?

Hey everyone, I have not been diagnosed with Endo yet but being a health professional I am sure I have it, especially with my sister of two years older having it and my symptoms are almost the same. Something different i am experiencing though is that i have tingling in both of my legs. Has anyone experienced this?? It is almost like constant pins and needles.

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Hi hun.

I get tingling in both my legs a lot especially when I'm on the loo doing a number two it's painful then they go numb with tingles all the way from top to toe. I randomly get it in my right leg when I'm walking. Not sure why I think my docs are sick of me. They've reffered me to pain clinic. Not sure if tingles is to do with my endo. Something telling me it's my nerves. It's weird and scary sometimes I think the feeling in my legs isn't going to come back it lasts for that long.. Sorry can't be of much help. Just letting you know iv got endo and I get tingles in my legs a lot xxx


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