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Hi girls,

I'm new here but I'm not new to endometriosis - I've been having the symptoms for over 5 years now but the first time a doctor has actually mentioned it was around 2 years ago (I guess I was too young; I'm only 22 now)... The pains have intensified last September and since then my pelvic area/ upper legs/ ovaries sort of area is sore basically every day... I have been going more to my GP and finally bumped into one who sent me for different tests, scans etc and above all, I have finally been referred to see a gynaecologist at the beginning of this year!! He proposed I change the pill my GP had prescribed (from mini pill to a combined one) and try that first for the 21-7 days and if the pain doesn't go away then stick with it for 3 months, a week break and three months again... The problem is that I have been bleeding since I'm on the pill and the pain is only getting worse, which has a growing impact on my mental health, I feel... I have seen my GP about the bleeding, was given some acids, which stopped it for a couple of weeks (though spotting continued) and now I'm back to bleeding, sleepless nights and often unable to move during the day so I end up spending my days in, crying...

What would you recommend doing? Do you know of any good endometriosis specialist in Scotland (preferably Glasgow area)? Did any of you seek help from private gynaecologists?

Thank in advance for all support and advice!

Be strong!

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Hey Hun, I tried one pill n it got worse, then changed to a different pill. Perhaps this may help. See your gp and ask.


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