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New here

Since giving birth to my daughter (now nearly 3) I started getting the worst cramps in my stomach, very painful heavy periods and generally tierd all the time.

Went to the doctors 5 times before they said I had endometriosis. They gave me an information leaflet and sent me on my way.

Last night was the worst it's ever been. Every time I moved I felt the pain in my right hand side near my pelvic bone, bottom of my back and through my bum. I haven't had a wink of sleep and seriously considered going to the hospital.

Any advice on what do to next?

The doctors don't seem to take it seriously. My family and friends don't either, they think it's just normal period pains. No one seems to take it seriously anymore :(

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Sorry about the pain your going through.

From your post it sounds like tour gp just diagnosed you without a laparoscopy.

You need to really push for a referral to a gynecologist prefably one that deals in endo in a bsge centre.

Keep pushing your doc and get a lap done to confirm endo and get a treatment plan set up. This is not the way you should have been dealt with if your gp thinks you have endo.

If the pain gets too much go to AnE they'll log it down and maybe send you for an emergency lap you never know. It's not fair living in pain with no significant answer and no treatment plan in place.

Wish you all the best



I'm in your boat too. I've recently been told this is probably what I have, but, in an attempt to avoid surgery, they stuck me on birth control to see if it works. A month in, things have just gotten worse.

I feel so helpless. I really hope you get the relief you deserve because living like this is just awful. Hang in there!


So sorry you are going through this. I also have a 3 year old and last August the intense pain started (I did have heavy periods and pain when my periods first started many years ago and was put straight on birth control so may have had this for years). I was so lucky that the doctor I saw suggested endo right away and sent me for a scan which got me referred to consultant very quickly as there were lots of things picked up on the scan. I didn't see my usual doctor though, I requested one that has a specialist in gyne issues and I think this was key for me to get taken seriously. Is there another doctor you can go and see? You need to get referred and have a laparoscopy to diagnose endo properly so keep pushing for this. Friends and family did t really take me seriously until I was going into hospital! It's hard for them to understand as they can't see it and just think it's normal period pains. It's not! In the meanwhile, try a heat pack on the painful parts when it hurts, it's the only thing I have found that helps xxxx


Thank you for your advice :) when I went to the gp, they literally gave me printed pages about endo and that was it!! I've been to hospital 3 times with the pain but they have only done a transvaginal scan as they were looking for cysts which showed my ovaries are okay.

Would endo of been picked up on that although they were only looking for cysts??

The pain gets so bad I can't move some days and sex is getting so painful, i dread it some times :(



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