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Endo ruining my life

Hi All,

I m new here.i had 5cm chocolate cyst removed last year April.i have been trying to concieve from last year June and conceived in December.Then miscarriage in Feb.Now again trying to concieve having 2 cysts on 2 ovaries of 16mm and 12mm.Any advise on diet please. To conceive fast and to avoid miscarriage and also I m afraid these cysts will grow up.Any diet to stop those cysts

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Hiya hun. Sorry about your conceiving problems I'm going through the same. Have a look serrepeptase it's a supplement enzyme that's really good for endo girls people in pain. I just started taking it and I swear my gas drastically reduced it's minimal. Reviews are really good on it and people have managed to get rid of sca tissue and reduce if not get rid of cysts and clear their tubes. Now I'm not making ant claims as I've just started taking it but reading other people's stories on line has brought me to purchase this stuff and iv been taking since Monday I can and I am extremely happy to say this is the best week iv had for a long long time.

Wish you all the best hun. I am recommending this to everyone in my family there is so much it helps with.


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