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Laporoscopy - what next??

I've had endometriosis removed from my ovary last week via a laproscopy. I haven't had any follow up yet and my gp discharge letter just says " ovary endometriosis diathermy". I was still coming round from the anasthetic when the doctor spoke to me so I'm left wondering what I've had done.

I recall the doctor saying the spots are on my left ovary, however I have pain on my right side (before the laporascopy and now while I'm recovering) it hurts. My uterus is retroverted and I know I'm difficult to scan ( had 4 ivfs and 1 miscarriage, possible ectopic) so do you think it could be my right ovary that actually had the endo? I know I've had scans and thought surely its obvious which side is being scanned but then they say my ovarys are in different places.

Also as i presume I have mild endo ( i don't even know that yet. I have 3 incisions from laporascopy) what treatment can help for fertilty? Or how would i know if the endo is effecting my fertility? I've had 4 ivfs which resulted in one miscarriage and the pelvic pain began after this. I obviously wont want to be on the pill to help with endo pain as trying to conceieve and my periods are regular and I ovulate according to clearblue although I did use them ine minth while on clomid and it showed ovulation but the gp actually confirmed I hadn't ovulated, so I'm skeptical with them now- but still use them 😂.

Just want to know what I'm likely to be told my next steps are. I apreciate any support and advice xxx

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Gosh I'm am so similar- pain on Rhs but during lap they found endo on lhs. I am in similar situation- my discharge letter just said 'lap went well' and can't remember much about what consultant said as I was coming round. I have a follow up appt 5th may so will let you know what they say. I'm not trying to get pregnant tho so can't help you there. All of the good luck tho. Xxx

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Thanks for the reply. That's strange how we're both similar with pain on rhs and endo removed in the lhs. It'll be interesting what they say to you during follow up. Yes please keep me updated and good luck🍀 xx

I'm so annoyed i don't even have a follow up. I don't even have my discharge notes! Only the one that's meant to go to the gp, so I've kept that one.

I called the hospital yesterday and they said I'd have a letter sent out explaining everything but as it was only last week, it'd be a while 😤, plus it'll only state what happened as it was performed for the pain side of things and not the fertility side of things, so it still wont answer my questions. I'm guessing that'll only be my discharge notes though, not a full report of what was found, what stage, what that means for fertilty etc. I'm just being bounced around by the system. It's so frustrating. I just don't know where to go to get the answers.

Even after my scan, I was told I'd get the results in 2 weeks. Called up and was told it'll be longer as they have a back log. Wtf! Not my problem! Then when i did get the results ( 2 months later) i spoke to gp who said i have pcos and then had results letter which said all clear!! So I'm so confused and frustrated.

Sorry for the rant but I'm just so fed up of the system and tge fact tgey have my results but i can't access them is driving ne nuts. xx


I had to ask for my follow up- they had nothing on record that I needed one. I just told them the lap hadnt helped my pain so obviously a follow up was needed! Ive also been waiting for letters for ages- one for my GP instructing them to prescribe my zoladex should have arrived in early November. After much badgering they finally got it in February! And then it was wrong- asking to prescribe the pill which we had ruled out! So mad. It seems NHS cuts are affecting support staff who write the letters, so one person is writing letters for many consultants. Sucky. Never apologise for rants. You deservea good rant.


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