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Raised ca125


Am 21 yrs, have blood cyst of 8cm on right and 7cm at left, last week dr.gave test of ca125 which came to be 524.60. She said she will do surgery...and take a piece of the tumour if its cancerous both the ovaries will be taken out at that time. Am very scared with the surgery becoz my ca125 is too high...and am unmarried. Do I have any hope. Plzz plzz suggest me. I m during thinking all days. This Thursday is my surgery....

Kindly suggest

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I have just had my right ovary and both tubes removed 2 days ago as I had a 5cm endometrioma and ca 125 of 257, had a laparoscopy in December and the results came back that they couldn't rule out cancer, I was worried sick as you can imagine , I had all the risk factors .. infertility, IVF and endometriosis. Anyway spoke to the surgeon after my surgery on Thursday and he has said he doesn't think it's cancer, although I will have to wait for the histology for definite. Just wanted you to know that a raised ca 125 can just be down to the endometrioma.


hi. How are you feeling today? Having a raised ca125 is very frightening I was beside myself.

I have stage 3 endometriosis and in September 16 had a chocolate cyst on my right ovary that was slowly leaking. The ca125 came back as 2146. I was given an emergency ct scan within an hour of the results coming in as they put it " it's extremely high and very likely it's more than the endometriosis". They couldn't find anything on the ct scan and i had an MRI which they then referred as they couldn't find anything. It dropped to 900 then in January it went to 249, we saw the specialist at the bsge centre who said it's common for cysts, endometriosis and the medication to sometimes cause high ca125. I know how frightened it is and the waiting is awful but its not always cancer even when they think it might be like they did with me.

I hope you get an answer soon.

thinking of you both.



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