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What Now?

Hi ladies, hope you're all well.

I had my first long awaited laparoscopy yesterday and have been diagnosed with endometriosis as expected. My discharge summary says I had areas of active and inactive endometriosis in pouch of Douglas, uterosacral ligaments and UV folds and it was treated with Diathermy. Now I know I'm no doctor, but I do have some knowledge, but I feel as though I wasn't explained about what any of that actually means?! Google has confused me and I can't stop thinking about it! If anybody can shed some light please message me!!

I'm also really confused as to what happens now. Again my discharge letter says no follow up required but open access for twelve months. I wasn't explained though about the chances of it reoccurring and what to expect. Am I going to have normal periods now? Is sex still going to hurt? I'm guessing it's different for everybody, but im still very uninformed.

Also ladies, how long have you experienced post op pain and any tips to help with the bruising/ripping feeling?

Thankyou all in advance


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Hope you're not feeling too bad after your surgery, I had my first laparoscopy two weeks ago. I'm surprised that having only just received your diagnosis you won't be having a follow up appointment. I wasn't given too much information after my op, just that they did a cystectomy and I've been diagnosed with Stage 3 Endo however I have been given a follow up appointment (8 weeks from my op date) to discuss how to manage my Endo with my consultant. It may be worth phoning the hospital to ask why your discharge note says you don't heed a follow up appointment?

My pain lasted about 4/5 days and now I am having my first post op period so the pain has returned. My advice for the next few days would be to keep topped up with your painkillers and REST! I tried to do too much in the days following my op because I was bored and didn't like to sit and watch my husband do everything but it didn't do me any favours, just take your recovery slowly. I'm still a bit bruised after two weeks.

Take care. X


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