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I'm new here, pain on intercourse?

Hi, I'm not diagnosed with endo and I'm not 100% convinced if that is what I am suffering from or not. But I have been recommended to look to be checked/screened for it. My main symptom is horrendous pain on intercourse - the worst being on entry rather than deep. I wonder if anyone else has experienced pain in this area rather than it being "deep pelvic pain"? Many thanks xx

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Sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. Pain on entry could be due to being too dry, bladder inflammation, lymph nodes being swollen or piles. Or it could be to do with being tense/ anxious/ not fully aroused. You probablly want to rule that out first. Pain due to adhesions/ endo is more likely to be a bit deeper or very deep. From my experience, anyway! You might want to take a gentle, well-lubricated rummage and see if you can narrow down whether the pain feels like it is around your anus, or slightly to the front or rear, which may help with a diagnosis. Take a look at other symptoms of endometriosis and see if anything else matches up. There's still a chance that it's endometriosis, because when things get really bad, the swelling can be terrible and you could get a sort of jarring sensation from all the pressure/ spasming/ pain.If you find that you have a lot of other symptoms of endo, it could be worth having a laparoscopy to confirm it. I held back for years because it seemed so invasive, but actually wished I'd known sooner because I might have had more options with fertility/ pain relief. All the best x


I have confirmed deep severe endo. I have had pain on intercouse forever. but it has always been a deep long lasting general deep ache. That only changed after my lap where I think my cervix was disturbed.


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