Adenomyosis & Endometriosis

Hi I have been suffering with endo for a few years and had a few surgeries but in March I was diagnosed with adenomysis I have just had surgery 2 weeks ago where I had to have a ovary and tube removed on my right side I've been cramping since surgery but yet to have my period. Would love to hear from anyone that is diagnosed with both.

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I have both of these too, although only recently been diagnosed with the two and only had diagnostic lap so not as far along on the journey as you. They have tried me on cerezette which was horrid, and so am biting the bullet and going on the waiting list for total hysterectomy and also endo removal. I also have a large fibroid in my uterus. Am in daily pain which worsens as I go through my cycle. Constantly need to urinate which actually is the most annoying symptom as it has started to limit where I go when I go out with family and friends! And the fatigue is getting worse ever month. It's frustration having multiple things as I am not sure which is causing each symptom!

How are you after your surgery? I guess the cramping is common and the first period will be painful but really hope it all settles down for you. Was the ovary and tube removed due to endo? Are they suggesting anything for the adeno? Xxx

Hi thank you for replying, sorry for the late reply been back at docs today been very feverish and still feeling rather poorly, gotta have another blood test Thursday could be anemic. I've had endo for about 8 years and only diagnosed with adeno about 6 weeks ago when I went for a scan too see how endo was doing as my pelvic pain was hurrendous. They wanted me to have a coil but I refused as really want another baby but when they went to sort my endo the adeno was slightly worst than they first thought so not sure where I stand till I have my follow up next week! Have been told in not too distant future that a full hysterectomy will be needed so my thoughts are all over the show! Yes the ovary and tube removed due to endo they were in a bad way apparently, gynae took pics there going to show me in my follow up. Good luck hope they get you sorted soon would be good to hear from you once you have it done.

I had problems with Adenomyosis for 6 years. I went to countless gynaecologists only for them to just say it's bad cramps. I've found a outlet for my pain last year, that's a natural herbal medicine, what's your feeling now after surgery, if still no improvements, you can give it a go.

I was only diagnosed with adeno about 6-8wks ago but had endo for about 7-8yrs. My gynae dr wanted me to have the coil but I really want another baby and have heard nothing but awful stories about the coil so refused. Had surgery 2wks ago and the adeno was a bit more worse than first thought will find out more on my follow up.

Hi, are you able to tell me your natural remedy? I'm currently taking shepherds purse for fibroids and adenomyosis but it's early days yet!

it's named fuyan pill, herbalist dr.lee prescribed it for me, the treatment took about 4-5 months

I was diagnosed with both last month. I am having surgery soon. I was told I have been through all the options for both to ease pain: the Pill, the coil, Prostap etc which have not worked to ease the pain so I have elected to have the endo removed and see what happens as I was told the only other alternative is a hysterectomy but as I would love to have a baby I wish to keep my ovaries etc at the mo. I have gone on a healthy eating plan eating lots of fruit, veg and fish to help as well as nuts and seeds. I hope things improve for you x

I am the same as you really want a baby so have refused the coil and a full hysterectomy but in my surgery 2 was ago they found the endo and adeno was worst than first thought that's why i ended up having one ovary and tube out will fondness out more on my follow up. Good luck hope the surgery goes well

I hope things get better for you x

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