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Can anyone give advice? Please :(

Any advice please ladies? I'm so fed up, I had excision surgery in January and since then, if I do anything on my feet, just to get some shopping even, I end up in so much agony, it's really getting to me now cos I just can't do anything, they think it's the adenomyosis but it's ridiculous I'm just not living atm and I'm at my wits end 🙈 has anybody else suffered like this? xx

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I think recovery can take 90 days. Has it gotten any better at all? Where have you had the surgery done? In the US?


It's got worse if anything, it was done in the UK at a bsge centre


I feel for you! This is my biggest worry that I get surgery and I'm not better!

Did they see the adenomysis?

Are you on any meds to prevent regrowth?


It's completely worked on the endometriosis, I'm gutted they found adenomyosis and I've seen so many say their adeno got worse after surgery, I just wish it wasn't so intense. They saw adenomyosis (can't remember exactly what my notes say) I'm on cerelle twice a day to try and calm things down


I am so sorry to hear that. You should contact your DR about your pain. Do you have IUD in you? It supposed to help you with adeno pain, and it does. If you have never had it in you, it might hurt a lot for a few weeks until your body gets adjust to it. I hope you feel better soon



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