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Constant leg pain

Hi, I am new to this site and at my wits end! Before having both my children I suffered with end and have had 2 laps. Since my second child, 3 years ago, my legs ache constantly, in last few months pain has worsened with stabbing/tingling pains, all down leg to soles of feet. Pain is in both legs and starts in my bum and hip. My GP has prescribed 300mg pregablim, which helps slightly, but she wasn't that bothered! I am due on now, and the pain has got so much worse. This is now having a huge impact on my family life. Has anyone else had this, and do you think this could be endometriosis? Sorry for long post, just don't know what else to do! xx

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Hi there. I was diagnosed in February and one of my many symptoms was pain in my left leg that radiates up into my hip and bum. Surgeon removed adhesions all on my left side and must have damaged a nerve as I now have a numb thigh. They can't tell me anything about it but I'm guessing all the nerves run through the pelvis and then down the legs and I can see how endo causes leg pain. My leg still hurts like before and worse like you before and during my period. The only thing that seems to help me if yoga - I've no idea why but it does provide a bit of relief - I hope you can find some help from somewhere x x


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