Just had second scan

I thought I would write a little follow up to my previous post. After over a decade I was finally referred to a gynaecologist. I had a scan previously in November 2015 which showed nothing and the gynaecologist sent me for a second which I have had today.

They have definitely found something this time! They haven't told me much but I overheard some stuff. The radiographer asked me if I had, had an operation. I told her that I hadn't and she asked if they had told me in my previous scan that I had fluid in my Fallopian tube. My understanding (after a little google research) is that you can get a hydrosalpinx from damage to the tube by getting clamidia, ectopic pregnancy and endometriosis (presumably an operation too). As I haven't had the first two could a diagnosis be far behind? She had the doctor come in to look a something (a little disconcerting 😳) whatever is was the doctor thought that it probably wasn't something to worry about but to mention it on the notes (hopefully it's not cancer). I heard them say that there was a small fybroid and a cluster of cysts. Strangely I'm relieved because hopefully it means that this can all be sorted out now 🤞🏻

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  • Give it a week or two and call gynea receptionist and ask for results of you scan, I have always been so lucky at my scan appointments and they always tell me there findings, I have endometrial cysts and at my last mri 10 weeks ago there were loads of tiny cysts 6 weeks ago I was admitted to gynea with pain and found one had grew to 6by5 said they could not remove as wasn't sure what it was made up of and what it was attached to would need another mri first and bloods, bloods were clear again I was admitted emergency 2nd April pain again this time worse than ever cysts ruptured so emergency surgery though only fluid and wide spread endo found have been put on 6 month back o back contraceptive to see if cysts stop and endo pain eases good luck and don't give up till you get some answers xxxx

  • Thanks... I'm due to see gynaecologist 15th may I think. I remember last scan they told me nothing at all - I didn't go to Birmingham women's hospital though, they're much better I think.

  • Hope your appointment on 15th of May goes much better xxx

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