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any experiences of attending a psychosexual clinic for pain with sex??

so after a lovely 9month period of my endo being in check, i have started to have pain with sex again.... I dont feel tense with sex, expecting it to hurt so i am relaxed with it. the pain is a deep pain. I spoke with my endo nurse specialist and she has advised a referral to a psychosexual clinic. Has anyone ever been and found it helpful?? i'm not sure how beneficial it would be as psychologically i feel relaxed etc etc.... but i also know i have nothing to lose.

any experiences would be most welcome :)

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I did. I was also given a bag with dilators in to help. I was rather embarrassed at first but my partner was invited to some sessions and it helped. Good luck x


what are dilators? thanks for the feedback. will ask for a referral x


They help to expand your women's area. They start small then get gradually larger as you get used to the size. They also talk you through things. Good luck x


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