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Fatigue help?

I've been dealing with fatigue for over a year now, but kept putting it down to being 'lazy' before I knew I had endo. Now that I know why I'm feeling this way, it's easier to not blame myself. However, it's really getting in the way of my studies.

In a month's time I have to sit my uni exams. My mind is ready to go but my body is holding me back. Right now I'm writing out some notes lying down which seems better than being at the table doing them.

I'm also taking Vitamin B tablets which are apparently good for tiredness and fatigue. They work on my good days...

I know I have to listen to my body but I'm getting really desperate now...I just want to work hard this next month as I'll have a bit of summer to rest up anyway. It's so frustrating because I used to be on my feet non-stop, and now my life has taken a turn...

Do you have any tips for fatigue and getting a spring in my step, even if it's for the short term?

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I am trying floradix for iron, green veg plus lemon squeezed on it and also things that are good for the liver which is important for dealing with excess hormones. A2 Casein in dairy is a known irritant and wine is unfortunately bad for your liver so you could try cutting milk out for at leat 1 menstrual period cycle. Those are the 2 changes I made. milk i chose to after experimenting with periods without it, wine I've been forced to cut out as it now makes me poorly.

With any diet change i think its a good idea to eliminate only one thing at a time to see what it is that helps you. Others have issues with gluten and soya but i am fine on them myself, but I'm intolerant to nuts. Endo diets tend to tell you everything is bad and to cut it all out so for me the diets are a bit ott and extreme in my book, i prefer a test and learn approach.


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