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Zoladex and hysterectomy?


I've had endo for 27 years. Was free for 7 years and recently had a lap to remove endo. I'm still in pain 6 weeks later and saw my consultant on Thursday. We discussed zoladex and possible hysterectomy in 6 months. I'm keen to learn of others experiences and side effects and whether a hysterectomy is a "cure". I'm 42 and have two kids.

Thanks in advance

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Hi I'm 42 too and trialling zoladex to decide on oophorectomy vs bowel excision. There is no guarantee that a hysterectomy will cure you, much depends on the endo excision itself being complete and also type of endo, some types apparently can continue and self generate oestrogen they need. It's a big decision to be thought through very carefully. You will need hrt till you are 50 and there are some increased risks with ovary removal. But it does help some a lot. You will read stories of it working and not working and there are non endo causes of pain that can happen post any operation . endometriosis.org/treatment...

It all happened quick and it's taken time to get my head around things. Gradually I am personally veering towards rolling the dice with the risky excision op as I'm not getting on with the 1st zoladex and mostly I have this one lump but see my surgeon on Tuesday to discuss further. Tbh neither option is attractive!!!

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I had a hyster and ovaries out at 42 due to endo and adenomyosis but it didn't sort out my endo and it carried in growing. I've just had excision and finally beginning to feel ok.

Whatever you decide please get referred to a bsge centre as you'll get the best options.


Also for hysterectomy I'd recommend the hysterectomy associations website as lots of help and advice with decisionmaking and after surgery if you go that way.

Best of luck.

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I had a TLH/BSO + excision of endometriosis (including a large rectovaginal nodule) 15 days ago. It was a difficult decision to make, but all the drug treatments had pretty much failed and I had reached a point where my pain was very bad and my quality of life was in rapid decline.

Removal of the uterus alone will only help if you have adenomyosis and your chance of reoperation is significantly higher if they leave your ovaries in. They also have to excise all endometriosis at the same time. If a general gynae is offering you this surgery please ask to be referred to a bsge centre for a second opinion.

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Hi thanks all for your responses. I'm definitely not going to make this decision lightly and will ask to be referred to bsge centre.


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