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Advice - missed period but negative pregnancy test


I was diagnosed with endo 3 years ago and I have had 2 laps, the last one in Dec 2016 where I also had a dye test to show any infertility problems.

I am always regular with my period like clockwork and I am currently a week late. I have taken 3 test 1 invalid and 2 negative. This is the first month I have experience no stomach cramps or uncomfortableness of any kind, probably since I was a teenager. I'm not sure if I 'feel' pregnant as I'm scared I get my hopes up as been trying for 3 years.

Should I wait a while longer before going to doctors or go to the Doctors anyway. I'm worried if it hasn't come and not pregnant as I have never experienced that before either.

Any advice would be great

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Hi. As your usually regular I would get an appointment at your gp they might do a blood test, my sister had negative tests for two weeks and it was a blood test that picked it up ( she's not got endo and the negative test is a bubbly 6 year old). It's horrible trying for so long we have a delightful whirlwind but have been trying for another for just over 5 years, only found I had stage 3 endo September 16 having had no symptoms.

Really don't give up miracles do happen a friend whose husband had aggressive cancer treatment ( successfully) has found out 4 years later she's pregnant having totally accepted a family wouldn't happen for them.

Good luck. Tf xx

I know this was posted a wee while ago, but I'd be really interested in finding out how you got on? I'm currently experiencing my first late period (usually 27days like clockwork) however currently a week late and TTC for three years but taken two tests but both negative.

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