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Very glad to see this morning !!!

And SO re-assuring that I can relate to one of the women's stories in this article. I had surgery in december with a general gyne and she told me she had 'diathermy'd all of the endo away' and that I was now cured! shock 10 weeks later all my symptoms have come back twice as hard and i'm having more surgery on Wednesday with a SPECIALIST to excise it all.

we cannot stop spreading awareness ! xx

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I am pleased that the condition is getting some publicity!!

Can I ask how you've managed to get more surgery so promptly. I'm awaiting an appointment with my specialist to just discuss surgery following an acute flare up of my endo causing a week long hospital admission recently. I know each have different wait times and I need a urologist in there too so that may delay it further. I'm just so fed up of being in pain.

I'm also off work again and really can't afford to keep having all this time off. As I know I'm going to need some recovery time after my surgery.

Good luck to you for this week x

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Sorry to hear that yours has also flared up again and you are in pain, I am definitely with you on feeling fed up!

I have actually decided to go through private healthcare as this seems to be the only way to have someone understand, and also have the knowledge and specialism to treat the endo properly. I had an appointment just 3 weeks ago and am having surgery on wednesday so it's safe to say it is worth going private !



I know your not allowed to say where your treatment is but can I ask how much you're paying if you don't mind?

Is yours a complex case?

I have a severe case where the endo is around my left ureter and has caused my left kidney to fail. In order to remove the endo then kidney and ureter have to come out too. I also have it in patches elsewhere and it's on my bladder. My previous surgery was done by a general gynae so who knows where they'll find it!!

I had an MRI last august which also confirmed adenomyosis.

It just feels like things are going bad to worse!!

I've recently had a miscarriage and just feel this is all delaying my opportunity to be able to try for another baby. It's very upsetting and distressing 😔


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