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Anyone else had a repeat course of zoladex?

Just after some opinions and advice please!

I had a 6 month course of zoladex last year following surgery, from February to July. My periods returned in September and I was then given the go ahead to try ivf in January.

Sadly I had a recent miscarriage and then was hospitalised for a week with an acute episode of endometriosis related pain. The opinion of the drs is that I need surgery but have to wait for appointment with specialist to organise this.

So in the mean time they've restarted my zoladex. It did control my pain last year. The side effects were awful and I chose not to take hrt. I vowed never to have zoladex again coz of the side effects but I was willing to do anything last week to try to overcome and control the pain.

I'm not keen to continue with the zoladex but haven't got my appointment thru to see the specialist yet so I have no idea when my surgery will be.

Has anyone else had repeated courses of zoladex or similar? What are your experiences please. TIA x

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I had 2 separate courses of Prostap (which works in a similar way) with an 8 month break. Prostap works really well for me, I don't have side effects from it and have complete relief from my pain and bleeding for the entire course of the injections. In my experience the second course worked in a very similar way to the first, with the same result. I would have Prostap long term if it was allowed!!! Xxx

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Thanks. I just worry as I'm still hoping to try ivf again in the future. I have to wait now until after my surgery.


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