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Hi All,

I'm also a newbie. Iv have Endometriosis for the past 5 years and due to have my third laparoscopy in 3 days time. Over the past 5 years i have found some amazing remedies. Two of my favorites are the Passion Flower tablets from a high street health food shop.(for Anxiety, stress and mood swings) and Clary Sage Oil also from a high street health food shop. (this is a god send. It really relax's you).

Much Love Ally xxx

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Welcome Ally! Did you find clary sage oil helped with the pain? I've been thinking about getting some but I already spend a fortune on supplements etc so it would be great to hear a personal experience xx

Ally86 in reply to poppy75

It does a little but not enough to get any relief unfortunately. The best pain relief I'v found is Codeine prescribed from the doctors when things get really really bad. But try only using it when it is bad because it makes you feel sleepy and like you don't want to do anything.

Hope this help you out.

Can you recommend any other supplements? Xx

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