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I'm worried about going back to work

Good evening,

I've hopefully got an appointment to see a gyne on 28/29 March, I've been off work since last Thursday - on Tuesday got signed off until next Thursday.

I stopped taking my painkillers in the middle of the week as I thought I was to feel better but the pain came back....

Tonight I've started taking them again but earlier this afternoon went into my work to tell them I would go back early in Monday.

I now believe this was the wrong decision as I am now in pain and work only want me back if I am fully fit.

I'm just worried about getting in trouble and my % going up.

Any advice would be great

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It's hard to comment as each company has different policies - I'd say discuss it with your GP. I've been off around 6wks now and just had another paper as I'm still waiting to see gynae x


So speak to your doctor, stay signed off and let your company know that you're not fit enough for work. Perhaps, as you get better, you can agree to work shorter hours and build up to full time working. Go back when you're ready.


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