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Waiting game

Hi everyone, I'm new here but just asking for some advice. I'm 25 and from Belfast, never been sexually active but always struggled with period pain, irregular and heavy periods, and really sharp, painful cramps after physical exertion, such as running. Last year I saw a gynaecologist after waiting for about a year for the appointment, and she diagnosed polycystic ovarian syndrome. I told her I thought the issue was endo, but she said treatment was the same (contraceptive pill), so it didn't matter whether it was endo or PCOS, and if the pain didn't improve to then come back for possible laparoscopy.

I asked my GP a few weeks ago for a new referral as I've been having persistent breakthrough bleeding while on the pill - something I find really concerning. The pain is not as bad as before, but it is still enough to take mefanemic acid (prescribed by gynaecologist) to numb it for a few days. On top of this, I was diagnosed with CFS/ME last year, so I'm always tired - not a good mix.

Long story short, I have been told I will be waiting a year for a new gynae consultation, never mind a diagnostic operation. Is it worth going privately for a consultation? And is it then possible to go back to the NHS for the surgery? I can't afford the medical bills, but I just want peace of mind... does anyone know how this all works in Northern Ireland?


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Not sure about N ireland, but in England you can pay for a private consultation and ask to be put on the NHS waiting list for treatment. Good luck.

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Can you switch gp's?

I've had some pretty bad ones who wouldn't refer me anywhere or would give me the excuse that it takes too long but I've gotten a new one who will refer me right away.

Search up gynos in your area and their waiting times (sometimes it's available) and ask to be referred to one, your GP can't deny you a referral if you ask.

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Sorry to hear you've messed about. I'm in Ballyclare so I'm within the Northern Health Trust. My GP referred me in September and gynae appt last wk, he doesn't think it's endometriosis but I'm being out forward for a laparoscopy in Whiteabbey. He said the waiting list is 2-3 months but we'll see how accurate that is I'm assuming it will be longer.

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