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So frustrated it's unreal!!!

Hey endo sisters hope your all doing well as can be.

I'm so flipping annoyed. 3 weeks ago I had a lap then last week got really ill had infection in and out of hospital strongest antibiotics started feeling better. Then on Saturday I got piles really bad iv only ever had them once before just after I had my daughter they don't seem to be healing with treatment then yesterday I feel like iv got thrush I'm extremely uncomfortable and really annoyed it seems one thing after another. I tested my urine it's high in white cells and protein there's always blood present which is getting investigated. My docs didn't have any appointments so asked me to bring a sample down then when I got there she said I need to be seen come back at 5 I really hope they sort this this out I feel so extremely uncomfortable on top of my lower back pain and shooting pelvic pain. Why on earth do we have to go through so much s**t I'm so sick of it.

Sorry ladies just wanted to have a rant to those that understand

All the best ladies


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