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Advice please!

Hi everyone,

This is the first time I've posted on here.

A bit of back story. I haven't received a diagnosis yet. I have chronic pain which usually only reduces for a few days after a period and starts increasing dramatically again towards mid cycle and until end of period. This cycle I've had no break from the pain.

My pain returned around Christmas when my son was 11 months and the amount he was breastfeeding was reducing and my cycle kicked backed into action. Pain all but disappeared whilst pregnant so I was gutted it came back.

I was referred straight back to Gynae though and am waiting for laparoscopy date.

Anyway, have ended up in hospital twice this week with the pain. Earlier in the week GP suspected appendicitis. All clear but they said to go back if couldn't cope with the pain. Went back list night. Have spent days struggling to look after my baby and been signed off work for a week. Thing is, what upset me more is that because I'm not screaming in pain I almost feel like a fraud for being there! Anyone else feel like this?

They obviously didn't think so because they wanted to keep me in and put me on morphing, but I started crying again because I didn't want to leave my son. Chronic pain makes me an emotional wreck apparently. So, they sent me away with Tramadol, which can apparently be used with caution in breastfeeding. Haven't taken it yet, I'm scared to!

My question really is this: we're off to America at the end of the month. Last night they said they'd ring me on Monday and hopefully will have brought my laparoscopy forward. But I don't know what the best thing to do is with regards to travel insurance. I know that undiagnosed conditions aren't covered, so if I go and need hospital treatment with no diagnosis I'll need to pay it myself. I could have the lap, but risk a long recovery or something going wrong (not sure if covered) , or stop breastfeeding so I can try and manage my pain and go (still risking first scenario though) .

So, any thoughts/ advice? Either about breastfeeding or the holiday? I know I need to ring the insurance company to check exactly what they will cover but thought I'd reach out for any thoughts/ experience/ advice.

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Also, that was meant to be morphine ha :)


I wouldn't risk going to the US with an undiagnosed problem like that. Treatment costs over there are horrendous, you're looking at over $100 just to see a GP.

Is the lap just to see if you have endo, or will they also remove it if it is there? Are they planning to do it before you go to the US?

You don't say why you are planning to go, but if it can be delayed I'd talk to your travel company and see if your insurance covers cancelling due to medical condition.


Thanks for reply!

They think they'll get an appointment before, potentially early this week. If they find endo, they'll treat whilst in there. So there's the potential I'll be nearly healed and good to go. But, if something went wrong.. Recovery could take a lot longer.

Holiday is purely for holidays sake. Thought we'd do a big one whilst baby is still free on plane etc.

Thanks so much for sharing you thoughts, it's nice to know people are listening.


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