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Still back pain - endo or mirena?

I had my laparoscopy 1 week ago. Diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis, large chocolate cyst on left ovary, adhesions and a large patch at my rectum. Not all pf this could be removed. I had the mirena coil fitted at same time. Yesterday and today I've had low back ache. Is this a symptom of coil settling or the endo? I had no idea I had endo and this pain has been here due to cyst before.

Any suggestions for relief?

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I have a recto vaginal nodule that has attached my cervix to my bowel. I had diagnostic lap ovary cyst removal and mirena insertion at the same time. My back pain hasn't changed. I have far more pelvic pain and Dyspareunia than pre operatively and don't know is if that is op after effects or the Mirena.

I would be inclined to think the rectal patch you mention to be most probable cause of the referred back pain but as it's so soon after your op don't take my word for it and ask for it to be checked out x

This link describes the post lap healing process and does outline numerous causes of post op pain that are neither endo nor Mirena and I at any rate wasn't warned of before hand so it help me a lot.


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Thanks for that link. My period showed up and has been here for 15 days now. Worse than before but this is the first info I've read saying this could happen.

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Yes , the surgeons do seem to pass by some of the details don't they. I guess their focus is the surgery side. I was lucky in that my period was 3 days before my op so the Mirena had kicked in by the time it came, but anyway I bled 5 weeks solid with the mirena.

Do think about your iron levels as mine dropped to borderline anaemia and my exhaustion worsened. I took floradix and added lemon to frozen spinach and greens to give me a boost, it helps make iron more absorbable apparently.

Take care x


Yes. I started the iron again as i feel so drained. Thanks again. 😀


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