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Is there likes between endo and Endometrial cancer?

Hi ladies,

Quick question. Two of my aunties have been diagnosed with endometrial cancer and one of them also had endometriosis which went undiagnosed for 30 years. She only found out when she got her hysterectomy to remove the cancer.

I have endometriosis so can this mean I am also at risk. Does anyone know if there is a connection? I don't want to ask my aunts for more info because they are going through hell.

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This always scares me 😭 Sorry to hear about your aunts.


When I got my pack on Endometriosis from my GP there was a statement in there that said 'no it does not lead to cancer' , but good old Dr Google said that it is very rare. If it is something you are concerned about you should speak to your GP :) xx


There's a link to ovarian cancer however since both your aunts have endometrial cancer it can be related to genes which your family carries that are unrelated to endometriosis.


I was told there was a link when I had my hysterectomy but that was a general gynae. When I asked bsge clinic they said it was very rare.

I'd ask your consultant and make sure they are bsge. I'm sure there must be a test they can do to find out for you. May be part of a laparoscopy?


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