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Hi everyone,

I've been having all the symptoms of endometriosis for the last 4/5 years. Excruciating pain, as if a knife is twisting my insides and trying to pull it out, nearly passing out from the pain, heavy bleeding etc. I've been numerous times to the hospital and eventually had a laparoscopy which came back fine. Can a lap get it wrong? I really feel there is no other explanation for the pain I have and I've had various ultrasounds etc to check for anything else. The only thing they show up is every now and again there a cysts. Can the lap be wrong?

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Was your lap with a general gynae? If so endo could have been missed depends on the skill and knowledge of the surgeon. Sometimes they don't look in difficult to reach places, or don't recognise endo if it is small or deep. It is your right to ask for a second opinion or referral to another gynae if you have on-going issues but be prepared to battle, and be told it isn't gynae related pain. Good luck.


Yes it was just a general gynae. I just feel every symptom I have is just what everybody with endo experiences. My consultant discharged me and said it's not a gynae problem and my gp isn't helping much and not giving me another referral just solpadol on prescription to help with the pain. I've been fighting to try and get to the bottom of it for years and they try to put me on anti depressants because it's getting me down. I'll try and find a gynae specialist and see where to go from there! Thanks for your help!

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Hi, it sounds like you need a proper specialist. Have a look at the list of accredited centres and get a referral to one of those from your GP. Lindle has posted them in the past or search engine will find.

I hope you get some answers soon. X

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